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Farm to feast

In the Bucolic Catskill Mountains

Totally worth the trek...
the ‘Gramercy of the Catskills.’
— Escape Brooklyn

Ringed by mountains and backed by Big Indian's "forever wild" forest preserve, award-winning Peekamoose Restaurant is a culinary beacon for those looking for the best of contemporary American cuisine in a place of unparalleled natural beauty. The culmination of a lifelong dream for owners Devin and Marybeth Mills, Peekamoose combines the spirit of the Catskills with the essence of their decades' experience at the finest New York City restaurants. The result is down-to-earth, no pretension, seriously good food in an environment that doesn't take itself too seriously.



For bumpkins and slickers alike

One of the finest restaurants in the Catskills, this renovated farmhouse has been promoting local farm-to-table dining for more than a decade.
— The Lonely Planet

Pioneers of the farm-to-table movement, our menu of rustic fare rotates with the seasonal bounty, reflecting the close relationships that the Mills have established with local farmers and vendors. Chef Devin Mills grew up in the Catskills and spent his formative years working for area eateries. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he knows the landscape and purveyors well.


Seriously good food

That doesn't take itself too seriously

Quality and inventiveness.
— The New York Times

A home away from home for locals and tourists, alike, Peekamoose is equally appropriate for both casual nights out and special parties. The Mills enjoy nearly familial friendships with their guests. “You come into my home, I'm going to take care of you,” Marybeth says. In the rustic-chic farmhouse designed by Shawn Patrick Anderson of ACME Studios, a longtime friend of the Mills, the atmosphere is welcoming, laid back, comfortable, and quirky. There are taxidermied animals, lights and shelves made from fallen branches, wall art created from found objects, an outdoor fire pit for marshmallows, an indoor treehouse for kids.



Elevating food to feast

Serves a frequently rotating menu built from simple ingredients served finely.
— Hudson Valley Magazine

A philosophy of respect for staff, farmers, vendors, and guests became second nature to the Mills at Gramercy Tavern. "Of course that's how you treat people," Marybeth says. With chef Devin's guidance, the food speaks for itself, each dish celebrating the innate flavors and beauty of the natural world. His is an honest approach to cooking that simply but surely elevates food to feast.